Tel-U Team Crowned As Champion in Multimedia and Game Event (MAGE) at ITS

Bandung, Telkom University – Again, Telkom University Students won at a national scale event held at the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, namely Multimedia and Game Event (MAGE) 5. It is a development competition that aims as a forum for high and college students to explore creativity and innovation in technology.
Three students who competed were students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FTE) Amri Kurniawan and Sri Dewi Sartika, one student of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT), Ahmad Adhitya Nurhadi. three of them made a system called Saritem (Smart Corn Plant System). An Internet of Things-based system for monitoring soil fertility which includes soil moisture, rainfall, temperature and humidity created specifically with Algebraic Arithmetic Programming Algorithms with realtime for corn farms.

They won the final round which was held on November 17, 2019, at the Surabaya Youth Hall, with 1st place in the Internet of Things (IoT) category. After competing with teams from Gadjah Mada University.

Amri explained, several preparations had been made before joining this competition, such as Ensuring that the system of Saritem (Smart corn plant system) was running well, Using a renewal method designed in measuring rainfall, Making complex systems from Saritem such as measuring land area, location, history, realtime, and telegram bot.