Workshop Kegiatan Kemitraan PTV – IDUKA
17 Nov 2020

PTV – IDUKA Partnership Workshop

Workshop Kegiatan Kemitraan PTV – IDUKABandung, Telkom University – Telkom University as No.1 Private University in Indonesia continues to actively improve quality in achieving Research and Entrepreneurial University.

Telkom University through the School of Applied Sciences (FIT) held a PTV – IDUKA Partnership Activity Workshop. This event was held online on Friday (13/11) through the ZOOM Meeting and broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Telkom University School of Applied Sciences.

Entitled “Reseller Support and Tools for Marketing and Sales”, Dr. Arfianto Fahmi, ST., M.T., as the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences at Telkom University explained that through this workshop the UMKM partners could develop their business. This activity is in line with Government programs given to vocational colleges, especially faculties that focus on the vocational education program to develop links and matches with the Business and Work World Industry (IDUKA).

MSMEs are included in IDUKA, so this is what motivates the School of Applied Sciences in 2020 to propose a program to increase collaboration with IDUKA to the government, in this case, the Ministry of Education and Culture.

“Currently at the Ministry of Education and Culture, there is a new special directorate in charge of vocational issues and yesterday we proposed a link and match program with IDUKA and Alhamdulillah we became one of eleven vocational universities in Indonesia to become a pilot project to develop collaboration with IDUKA and activities. this is part of our cooperation program with IDUKA, especially for MSMEs, “he said.

Based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and UMKM 2019, MSMEs provide input to the state by fifty percent, including ninety percent of the gathering places for human resources at MSMEs. Through this program, the technical skills of both lecturers and students will also improve because at UMKM these technical skills are updated.

Dr. Arfianto Fahmi said that this was a form of support and contribution from the Telkom University School of Applied Sciences to the development of MSMEs in Indonesia. One of the supports provided is in providing a platform or application that helps MSMEs to improve traditional MSMEs to become modern through IT tools.

“This program is expected to provide benefits for many parties, for our lecturers, our students, and MSMEs as our partners. And today is our form of sharing how the means and support for resellers for marketing and sales needs for us can both be defined. ”

This activity was continued with material presentation and discussion which was attended by twenty-five UMKM with the speaker, namely Harizal as Public Relations of the Bandung Regional Headquarters.

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