11 May 2020

Sharing Session with PID Lecturers

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Improving good relations with lecturers who are pursuing their studies both in Indonesia and abroad, Telkom University HR Directorate organized a Sharing Session entitled Meet & Greet DILaners online through ZOOM Application, Monday (11 / 5).

In this activity, the participants who attended were all the PID implementing lecturers (Service Bond Agreement) S3 study assignments (on-going or PID in the publishing process) as well as the Deans and Vice Deans II of all Faculties. The level of participation of PID Advanced Study lecturers (or Dilaners) is 80% of the total.

The activity was filled with motivational sessions and discussions with Telkom University Rector Prof. Adiwijaya, Deputy Rector II Dr. Rina Djunita Pasaribu, and Telkom University Human Resources (HR) Director Kiki Sudiana.

Prof. Adiwijaya said that for his fellow lecturers who were studying for doctoral degrees both in Indonesia and abroad, to remain focused on their studies during this pandemic.

“To the teachers/lecturers who are undergoing education during this pandemic, stay focused and enthusiastic, because Telkom University is waiting for innovations from all of you.” He said.

To the lecturers who were studying, the rector advised that after graduation the lecturers should remain humble, the knowledge applied would be beneficial for Telkom University but would be beneficial for the community.

“After graduating from S3, please, stay humble, because success does not only achieve something that we want and other people want, but success can benefit others, where if you can later reach Q1, invite your colleagues. Partners in Study Programs and KK to be able to achieve the same things as you accomplish. “He explained.

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