Tel-U Students Again Showcase Their Work at MUFFEST+ 2022

Offline at the Ritz Carlton Grand Ballroom, Jakarta, the Muslim Fashion Festival 2022 or MUFFEST+ 2022 will be held again on Thursday, 21-23 April 2022. This time MUFFEST+ carries the theme “Muslim Fashion, Muslim Lifestyle.” More than 100 Indonesian designers attend this annual Muslim fashion festival. This event was also broadcast live through the YouTube Indonesia Muslim Festival.

As in the previous year, MUFFEST+ 2022 also allows fashion high school students to showcase their collections. One of the campuses participating in this grand event is Telkom University.

Telkom University students from the Textile and Fashion Craft Study Program exhibited their work at MUFFEST+2022: Nabila Rahmaniar C, Lutfia Nurazizah, Zahwa Fani Gunawan, and Sophia Dewi Anjani, with the working name “Nuraga,” which can be seen in full on their account. Instagramnya @kriyafashion.telkomuniversity. These four students were directly supervised by a lecturer at the Craft Study Program at Telkom University, Marissa Qori Agustina Siagian S.Ds., M.Sn.

Based on this achievement, the Head of the Tel-U Fashion Textile Craft Study Program, Faradillah Nursari, B.Des., M.Ds. Expressed this event as self-actualization for students to showcase their work and experience firsthand how the fashion industry is developing.

“MUFFEST+ is an annual event routinely attended by students from the textile and fashion craft undergraduate study program, Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University. Aside from showcasing student fashion works, Muffest is an event where students can interact with industry directly and gain experience in fashion shows and exhibitions on a national and international scale. This experience cannot be given in the academic room of lectures, so it is hoped that students can continue participating in similar events,” said Faradillah.

It is not the first time Tel-U students have participated in MUFFEST. In May 2019, several Tel-U student teams also took part in the same event at the Jakarta Convention Hall.

The theme “Muslim Fashion, Muslim Lifestyle” puts forward collaboration from three halal industry sectors: Muslim fashion, culinary, and tourism. It is hoped that this theme can accelerate the revival of the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry, which had slumped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

MUFFEST is one of the largest Fashion Festivals in Indonesia, which was initiated and organized by the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) on an ongoing basis since 2015. IFC is committed to making Indonesia a target for the world fashion market. IFC hopes that the fashion industry can improve Indonesia’s economic level, according to Ali Charisma, National Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber, during the Opening Ceremony.

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