Tel-U Students Crowned as Winners at the Hackathon Build on ASEAN 2021


Telkom University students achieved a proud accomplishment in an international competition event, namely BuildOnAsean2021 last July. This is a hackathon competition which is participated by 5 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The team from Telkom University was named AWSButeng. It consists of five students from the Undergraduate Computer Engineering Study Program, which consisted of M. Ammar, Agus Setiawan, M. Naufal S., Fauzi Sofyan, and Fauzi. During the competition, the team was accompanied by two supervisors, namely Umar Ali Ahmad, Ph.D., and R. Roger Dwiputra S.

“We had the opportunity to join BuildOnAsean2021 together with Bandung Technopark and were mentored by a team of experts from AWS and AWS leaders to learn about cloud computing technology fundamentals,” Fauzi said when interviewed.

The AWSButeng team in this competition created a Cloud-based Integrated Academic Information System that can make it easier for schools and universities to have an academic information system at an affordable cost. Based on this idea, the AWSButeng team managed to become 1st Champion/Champion in this event.

“We have great support from Telkom University. In particular by the Head of the Computer Engineering S1 Study Program, Bpk. Umar Ali Ahmad and our supervisor, Mr. Roger. Support in the form of moral and material, so that we can create great products to compete in this competition.” Fauzi.

For information, Hackathon is a competition to make a system/technology that can solve a predetermined problem. This competition was started by a selection of idea proposals which took place on 11-30 June. Then proceed to start developing prototypes in the 7-22 July timeframe. The highlight of the event will be on July 30, 2021. On that day, the team will present the prototype and evaluate it by the judges. All activities take place online, via Zoom Meeting.

Because this competition has several problem topics so that the championship is chosen based on the topic of the problem. We became Champion / 1st Place for the Academic Information System category.

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