05 Mar 2021

Telkom University and the Indonesian Navy Organized The 2021 Maritime Hackathon

BANDUNG, Telkom University – As an IT-based campus, Telkom University commits to contribute, one of which is in the maritime field. Telkom University and the Indonesian Navy Maritime Potential Development Service collaborated to organize The 2021 Maritime Hackathon program.  It is successful in the framework of Maritime Character Building Development (PPKM) which was officially launched by the Head of the Marine Maritime Potential Development Service (Kadispotmaral) Brigadier General TNI (Mar) Nurri Andrianis Djatmika at Headquarters Dispotmaral Command, Jalan Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya No. 10 Kelapa Gading Barat, North Jakarta, Thursday (4/3).

“The 2021 Maritime Hackathon produces a useful product not only in the form of concept ideas, but also digital products that can be developed such as Web Base Apps, Mobile Apps, Data Processing & Analysis, and Internet of Things (IoT)”, concluded Brigadier General. TNI (Mar) Nurri.

Dean of the School of Informatics, Telkom University, Dr. Z.K. Abdurahman Baizal, S.S.I., M.Kom., Expressed his support because the PPKM – Hackathon is considered a form of synergy between the two institutions to contribute to national development and Telkom University as an academic partner.

“The School of Informatics Telkom University as an academic institution in the IT field, Alhamdulillah, has hosted several events similar to this Hackathon, so it is hoped that it can contribute to the success of the 2021 Maritime Hackathon this time,” he said.

The Maritime Character Building Development which is packaged in the 2021 Maritime Hackathon is a creative competition to create ideas and innovations that will be implemented in the development of a variety of innovative products, in the form of data management and maritime potential development to support the education, economy, health, tourism, and improve quality of life. coastal communities.

“The 2021 Maritime Hackaton is an essential activity to raise awareness of Indonesia’s maritime potential and to solicit IT-based ideas and innovations. We welcome the collaboration between Dispotmar TNI AL and the School of Informatics Telkom University in this activity as a form of synergy between the two institutions to contribute to national development. “

With the theme ‘Maritim Jaya, Indonesia is great’, PPKM-Maritime Hackathon 2021 was held in collaboration with Dispotmaral with Telkom University and TemanSiswa.com. Competition with a total prize of Rp. This 100 million, is open to students, university students, and professionals of the Republic of Indonesia. Competition participants can form a team of up to 3 people and register from February 5 to March 22, 2021, through the website https://hackathonmaritim.id/.

With a target of reaching 100 teams, the Grand Final Maritime Hackathon will produce 10 finalist teams and will be announced on 7-8 April 2021 on social media Instagram @hackathonmaritim and Twitter @MaritimeHack.

“Hopefully this event can become an annual activity held by Dispotmar TNI AL.” This was conveyed by Dr. Z.K. Abdurahman Baizal as Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Telkom University.

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