13 Nov 2019

Telkom University and BSSN degree Confrence and National Workshop

BANDUNG, Telkom University – In order to study and improve the quality of human resources related to cyber security, Telkom University as one of the best ICT-based universities in Indonesia in cooperation with BSSN (Badan Siber & password Negara) and IHP will hold Seminar and Honeynet Workshop with the theme “Improved early detection ability and coordination in Cyber Situational Awareness”.

The event, which took place from 12 – 13 November 2019, is expected to increase awareness and community insights related to the world’s emerging cyber-space situation as well as educating the public how to utilize the BSSN National early detection system.

Deputy Identification and detection (Irjen Pol) Aries Wahyu Sutikno When opening the event said that the three key areas in cyber situational awareness, namely computing and network components, threat information, and mission dependencies.

“Of the three key areas will form network awareness, threat awareness, and mission awareness, where Network Awareness is disciplined in shaping configurations, conducting audits, updating information technology equipment, then Threat Awareness about how we identify and detect threats both from inside and outside, and the third Mission Awareness is an act of how to conduct a comprehensive overview of how to operate the cyber space forward from identifying risk to mitigation.” He said.

BSSN greatly appreciated the seminar and workshop activities as a form of collaboration through information sharing in various circles, especially academics. Through this activity, it is expected to increase situational awareness to reduce the presence of threats in the form of human error or threats from outside.

Rector Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya said that this activity is in line with the goal of this nation is to create superior human resources, where cyber security at Telkom University has been established with various parties ranging from Palo Alto Networks (PAN).

“Here we also have a” Cyber Security Laboratory “which includes SOC (Security Operation Center) and NOC (Network Operation Center), from here also we hope that the participants, especially students who follow this activity can be useful and aimed to improve the security of this nation.” He said.

At the opening of this event also lasts the introduction of a memorandum of understanding between Telkom University and BSSN, where both parties agree in the field of education, research and community service.

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