Telkom University Gets 5 Stars on University Performance Metrics Vietnam

tel u upm

Telkom University – Telkom University’s School of Informatics won the best score in the Vietnam University Performance Metrics (UPM) ranking, which is 5 Stars (the highest), with a total overall score of 781, as reported on the official UPM website, namely https://upm. vn/programs/23.

The main objective in ranking UPM is to benchmark the following five characteristics: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Innovative Approaches, Digital Transformation, Student Mobility, and Ethical Values. In the evaluation process, there are 52 indicators involving 8 categories.

Based on the data reported from that page, Telkom University managed to get a score of 112 for the Strategic Alignment category; 194 for Teaching and Learning; 229 for Research and Innovation; 80 for the University Ecosystem; 29 for the Internationalization category; 58 for Community Services; and a maximum score of 80 for the Strength Program.

University Performance Metrics (UPM) is a rating agency initiated and developed by a research team from Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi, led by Prof. Nguyen Huu Duc. The assessment was made to see the responsiveness of a university in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. For information, currently, more than 50 universities from the ASEAN region and Taiwan have participated in this UPM ranking. The Telkom University score above can show that the Tel-U campus has high competitiveness in the international arena.

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