Telkom University Organized the Alumni Gathering of Asia Chapter

alumni gathering chapter Asia

The Directorate of Career, Alumni & Endowment (CAE) Telkom University (Tel-U) organized the Alumni Gathering Chapter Asia on Wednesday (16/6) through Zoom Meeting. This event aims to conduct a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) discussing alumni experiences, suggestions for the development of Tel-U, as well as improving the Employability of Tel-U as stated by the Director of CAE, AT Hanuranto in his speech.

“We are very proud of alumni who have careers abroad. Today we invite alumni from 8 countries to share their experiences here to share their success by having careers abroad. I hope it can provide insight and discussion between alumni and THe head of the Study Program directly to support the improvement of Tel-U alumni Employability.”

This employability will be even better if it focuses on internships and company visits. So that it can increase these points in the QS Stars assessment in the future. So that Tel-U will be even stronger.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, revealed that currently, the world has no boundaries. Anyone anywhere can contribute to the world.

“There are about 3% of all Tel-U alumni have careers abroad. It is hoped that the academic community will understand that today’s world has no boundaries, wherever you are, you can still contribute to the world. The presence of fellow alumni, in busyness, shows that the love for the alma mater is truly extraordinary. We want to hear more from alumni, what are the suggestions for Tel-U so that it becomes better.” welcome the rector.

This event was attended by dozens of Telkom University alumni from various countries. Among them are Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Timles, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Singapore. This shows that the absorption of Tel-U campus graduates is spread in various parts of the world. Proving the quality of Tel-U graduates who have global competitiveness.

“To have a global career, of course, is not easy. If the study is done abroad, it is usually easier to get accepted to work there. However, Tel-U alumni who immediately succeed in careers abroad, it is an honor for us. We hope that this meeting will not only provide benefits for Tel-U, more than that for the Indonesian people.” added the rector.

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