14 Nov 2019

Telkom University planted hundreds of trees in Citarum Watershed

BANDUNG, Telkom University – in accordance with Perpres No 15 years 2018 about accelerating pollution control and destruction of Citarum River basin, Telkom University continues to contribute in preserving and creating the Citarum River into a beautiful place and make fragrant Citarum return.

On Wednesday 13 November 2019, Telkom University again held activities in River basin (DAS) Sector 6 River Citarum, in this activity Telkom University refused Pangdam III Siliwangi and Lldikti Dodge Boat race and planting trees in Sector 6 citarum.

Agus Pratondo Ph.D. as the Chairman of the Committee on this 3rd of the Citarum Harum program, explained that this activity is the launching of the achievement of learning the implementation of social engineering & Technology, as well as activities of thematic activity in the Citarum Basin to improve the quality of life of the surrounding communities.

“In this 3rd program there are several programs that we have implemented, among them are continuing to research water quality supervision with water robots and drones, continuing the manufacture of Incenerator and continuing the assistance of canoe training in Sector 7.” He said.

In addition to continuing the program that has been running, Agus added that there are several new programs that will be implemented with approximately 150 students of Telkom University who have joined the KKN this fragrant Citarum thematic.

“Currently we have 5 new programs, including Workshop and revitalization of Citarum River on 1 and 2 November 2019. The activities held discussions with Gerry, WALHI, and Green Nation, then planted in sector 0 of hard crops involving students who joined the Student Executive Board Telkom University (6 November 2019) with the involvement of 50 students Telkom University, planting 650 trees red Pucuk, jackfruit, mango, hardwood trees (10-11 November 2019), environmental school in Sector 6, (11 November 2019) involving the faculty of environmentalists at Telkom University and Workshop on learning achievement in the KKN of the fragrant Citarum thematic (12 November 2019) By inviting 33 courses in the environment of Telkom University to think together with a concept of learning this thematic KKN. ” He said.

Exactly on November 13, there are several activities involving Rector Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya along with the ranks of Vice Rector, dean and director, and also present namely Pangdam Siliwangi represented by Commander Sector 6, Colonel Arh. Dodo Irmanto to perform the activities:

Symbolically tree planting, inflatable Boat race, canoe race, emo-based River monitoring system IoT with robots and drones as well as the submission of natural libraries.

Prof. Adiwijaya in his speech thanked all parties involved in animating activities in Citarum River, starting from the community, all the academic and Pangdam Siliwangi party.

“Our hard work in creating this fragrant flavor citarum solely for the sustainability of our next generation of life in the future, I thank all the parties, let us together in restoring the day Citarum.” He said.


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