Telkom University Dormitory has a very strategic location because it is close to the public lecture building (Gd. Tokong Nanas 10 floors). This dormitory became one of the campus facilities that was built for freshman at Telkom University so that parents will have lack of worry about leaving their sons and daughters to continue their studies. The total area of ??the … hectare dormitory consists of 8 female dormitory buildings and 10 male dormitory buildings. Each dormitory building has Senior Residents and Helpdesk on each ground floor of the building so that comfort and security will be maintained. In addition, coaching activities for students who live in dormitories will be regularly monitored by the Telkom University Student Affairs Directorate.


The dormitory is a perfect place to build the independence of Telkom University new students. In addition, there are many things that we can take from dormitory life such as tolerance, courtesy, teamwork, help, family, and sharing stories with roommates during the dormitory. Now the dormitory has a lot of activities to build a private self-residents of the dorm which are directly compiled by the student body and delivered also guided by the Senior Residents. The activities in the dorm are organized into 4 activities namely ASAR (adaptive, spiritual, academic, and social) with the aim and variety of activities as follows:


Adaptive which aims to learn and train themselves to adapt to the new environment and life. Activities included in the adaptive category such as the formation of dorm teams (learn how to be a leader), dorm sports and fun games (teamwork and refreshment), dorm clean ups (create our healthy environment) and dorm IDs (know each other and be a friend)


Spiritual which aims to learn and understand their respective beliefs and religions. Activities that fall into the spiritual category such as dorm comic religion (make a daily life comic about religion), dorm spiritual discussion (discussion about daily life problems), study boarding and the dawn prayer movement in congregation (national events) and dorm percussion (learn about harmony and collaboration)


Academic which aims to study and improve academic ability in tertiary institutions. Activities that fall into the academic category such as dorm response (study for exam together), dorm academic week (talk show about academic), academic academic competition (together we can) and dorm tutor (the teacher is my friend)



Social which aims to learn and build their care for the community and the environment. Activities included in social categories such as dorm saving trash (do smart to manage out trash), dorm action (community service for our environment), dorm food festival (regional food festival) and dorm patimura ranger (donate your Rp 1000, – everyday) .

Location: Bandung Techno Park Telkom University Complex

Operating Days and Hours:

– Monday – Saturday: 7:00 – 21:00

– Sunday: 7:00 – 22:00

Web page:



If washing their own clothes is the student’s choice, the dormitory manager has provided a place for drying clothes. In the female dormitory is located behind the dormitory building and the male dormitory is located on the top floor of the hostel. The facility is made to avoid drying clothes in the window because it is very risky falling or lost in the wind and drying in the window can have a negative impact, which makes the dormitory look dirty.



If students have problems washing their own clothes in the dormitory, this dormitory laundry service can be the right choice. This laundry is located behind the A dormitory building A. Rates incurred depending on the package chosen can be monthly or even daily and this laundry will usually take the student’s dirty clothes directly to their respective halls of residence.