19 Dec 2016

Khoirul Anwar Received Award from the Government of West Java

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Dr Khoirul Anwar lecturer from School of Electrical Engineering Telkom University (FTE Tel-U) received an award from the Government of West Java Province through the Board of Research, Development and Application of Science and Technology (BP3IPTEK) West Java Province , The award is given on his effort finding a communication technology by using a pair of FFT / IFFT which was later adopted into a standard International telecommunication union with applications on 4G.

The awards handed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at Hotel Horison Bandung, Thursday (15/12). It was an appreciation of the provincial government of researchers / technocrats who have produced the inventions.

There are four categories of awards given, among others, international recognized researchers, students or teams which received International award, and then there is the category of people who contributed in the fields of culture, science and technology or research category of the best results of cooperation with BP3IPTEK. “In the category of internationall recognized researcher, besides me there is Prof I Gede Wenten of ITB, and Dr AGR Ir Anang Asep from UNPAD,” said Khoirul, Friday (16/12).

According to Khoirul the current innovations that should be developed in West Java is how to utilize the technology that makes people’s lives safe and comfortable and how technology can improve the local economy.

“At a time when many disasters occur, as now, we had to develop the technology for people to feel safe and comfortable, as it can predict disasters, to reduce casualties, and able to assist in recovery,” he said.

Khoirul said that for him this award is a token of appreciation for the citizens of West Java in order to perform better in order to support the better West Java. “To me this award as energy so that I could work better in the future and made me able to achieve even greater, better and more beneficial to the local and international community,” he said.

In addition to the award from West Java Province, Khoirul also received an award for his poster on display at the Smart Museum in Jogjakarta. It is known after he was contacted by the museum last November asking for permission to display the posters. “Around the beginning of November they contacted me, asking for my permission to display posters as Indonesian scientists figure in the walls of the museum,” he said. (PR / AW)

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