30 Mar 2015

PKM, A Simply Key: Helpful and Completed

BANDUNG TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) students never overlook a chance to participate in the selection of Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM). The program is organized by the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) to develop the potential of students. Students of Faculty of Business Economics Telkom University are invited to attend the socialization of PKM to excavate their insight about this program, Friday (20/3).

“PKM is a competition where the students creativity work is crossing each other. In PKM, student work is discussed by jury and fellow students. Simultaneously, the work also presented to the public, “said the lecturer and PKM adviser of Faculty of Information, Kemas Rahmat Saleh Wiharja, ST, MT.

According to him, creativity program does not need complicated matter. “The important thing is simple, can be utilized by the public and complete,” said Kemas. He also conveid, the oppurtunity to participate in PKM still open to the idea of writing a scientific article category. In addition to scientific articles category, monitoring and evaluation sessions will come through this year.

“towards monitoring and evaluating in the next session, students and faculty adviser must be cohesive. Impress a jury during the presentation in order to obtain the financing from DIKTI. The determination proportion of finalists is 55 percent at the time of monitoring and evaluation, then 45 percent from the proposal. While during the final, the proportion is 70 percent from the presentaion and 30 percent from final report, “said Kemas

To students, Kemas warned, solutions must be presented in accordance with pre-defined categories. In the technology category, jury will assess how the tools able to solve problems, both problems in industrial and productive community partners.

While the entrepreneurship category, the jury will assess the extent to which the PKM can make a profit. “Students should be able to present the return of entrepreneurial activity they run. That is, entrepreneurship should be presented in the form of existing businesses, “said Kemas.

About the categories of community service, Kemas said, the jury will assess how PKM program can provide solutions in the community. The jury will require the detail how the target communities including demography. (Purel / risca)

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