18 Feb 2021

Research and Innovation Priorities for Indonesia

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the Directorate of Research and Community Service (PPM) organized a webinar entitled Socialization of National Research Priorities, which took place online through ZOOM, on Wednesday (17/2).

The speaker of this event was Adhi Indra Hermanu, S.T., M.T., M.M., Head of Sub Directorate of Basic Research, Directorate of Research and Community Service, Deputy for Strengthening Research and Development, Ministry of Research Technology, and the National Research Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

As a country with abundant natural resources, Indonesia is capable of making the best of this gift.

Adhi explained that, based on the results of the National Research and Technology Coordination Meeting 2021, 3 research programs must be implemented to increase the nation’s innovation. The programs are including the first national research priority, the second is the consortium of research and innovation on COVID-19 and vaccines, the third is the Indonesian innovation service.

“Of the three programs, to produce a new research paradigm, the research must be oriented towards invention and innovation, then research must have an impact academically and socio-economically and the third is that researchers must have an impact on society.” He said.

Indonesia has the potential for natural resources that can boost the nation’s economy, Adhi said that currently, the focus of PRN research for 2020-2024 includes food, energy, health, transportation, engineering products, defense and security, maritime, social, humanities, and multidisciplinary intersectoral.

“Of the 9 sectors, our main focus is how to produce appropriate technology, how to produce research that can increase added value and commercialization, the third can produce research that substitutes imports, meaning that we must produce research that produces products that increase local content, and reduce imports, and the fourth is renewable technology. ” He explained

To produce research that can provide benefits to the wider community, Adhi added that research collaboration is needed, both between scientific fields, academics, practitioners, and the government.

“Through research collaboration, we will be able to create a network of science and technology, from which collaboration can produce greater performance and benefits.” He said.

Adhi added, with the existing resources, both laboratories and funds, by conducting research collaborations, there will be many research products that can be commercialized in the future.

“Currently, we provide opportunities for all those who wish to conduct research collaborations with abroad, because currently there are 2 programs currently running and we are providing foreign research funding. The two programs are bilateral joint funding programs, namely with the UK, Netherlands, France, and Belarus, then the second program is a multi-lateral joint funding program with East Asian and European countries. ” He said.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. When opening the event, Adiwijaya said that, in contributing to the nation, Telkom University is very focused on strengthening research and innovation that can provide benefits to society.

“With the collaboration between study programs at Telkom University, we also always collaborate between universities both at home and abroad and we also collaborate with industry in producing research that can provide benefits, hopefully through this event, we will be more capable. productive in producing research and innovation that are beneficial to the nation,” he said.

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