06 May 2015

SINDO Invites Tel-U Students To be Reliable Journalist

BANDUNG, TEL-U – SINDO Daily Newspaper through journalists invited students of Telkom University (Tel-U) to be a reliable journalist. This invitation conveyed in Sindo Goes to Campus event which held on the 4th floor hall Kawalusu Building Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB), Wednesday (15/4).
Entitled “How to Be a Good Journalist”, this event presented three speakers, namely the Deputy Chief Editor of SINDO newspaper Djaka Susila, Deputy Editor in Chief iNews Tv Latif Siregar, and SINDO newspaper editor Ma’Ruf. All three speakers discussed the ins and outs of the issues and challenges to become a journalist in Indonesia.

According Ma’ruf, most newcomer reporter think that the negative issue is a good material for news. This is common because most newcomer reporters just criticize about the issues that exist in the field. According to him, providing negative issues need to be avoided. “Not all people can accept the criticism”, he said. Communities also need to receive good information which is the content is not only just to criticize, but also to be absorbed.

“A journalist should think realistically, therefore reporters can produce news in accordance with the existing realities in the field, do not add or detract from the fact”, he said.
The same thing said by Djaka Susila. According to him, news written by a journalist should be impartial and not just focus on one sides. “The challenge for us as a journalists is to hand an extra effort to produce objective news”, he said.

Latief Siregar also reckon, a journalist should be able to see the issues that exist in the field. Reliable journalist is a journalist who able to raise an issue in the news and pass it to the public, even though the issue was not considered by other media. “If you do that, then you are a reliable reporter”, he said.
Also present at the event iNews Tv Presenter, Ivo Nasution as trainer in the broadcasting workshop. In this workshop Ivo invited students who attended the workshop to practice like a presenter. So it challenged student to appear in front of the camera. (Purel / EAD)

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