03 Jan 2017

Telkom University Donates Cameras for Telemedicine Dyslexic

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) donated one unit of the camera as a tool to support telemedicine Dyslexic. This contribution is part of a community service activities in RS Melinda 2, Bandung, at the end of December 2016.

Dyslexia is impaired ability to read and write. In other words, dyslexia has been considered as an interruption of learning, not only in reading.

Vice Rector IV Tel-U, Dr Yahya Arwiyah said that the use of these cameras to monitor people with dyslexia, especially children from a distance. As we know that not all remote areas in Indonesia have a doctor who is able to handle this.

“During this time the number of doctors is limited but the sufferer a lot, so it is unlikely to reach all areas. This program has spread from West to East Indonesia. Thus, this camera can be directly control and monitor the children from Bandung, “said Yahya.

The choosing of RS Melinda 2 as partner in this program also with special reason. According to him, RS Melinda is a gathering place for volunteers who want to treat people with dyslexia.

“RS Melinda is a place for the Association of volunteers who want to treat dyslexic. There are a special floor for detection, treatment, and educational activities. Dyslexic children were educated in Melinda Hospital, “he added.

To realize the three responsibilities of Higher Education, Vice Rector 4 said any upcoming community service will be preceded by research, “good research that can be applied to Education and Teaching and Community Services. So that our program in 2017 this all Community Service should be guided by research, “he said.

Specifically related to the provision of this camera, a form of devotion to be sustainable society (Multi Years). “So the community service program could be several years, while that is ongoing for two years,” he said. (PR / ADN)

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