16 Oct 2020

Telkom University Students Join Global Internship in London

Bandung, Telkom University – To increase students’ interest in taking part in Global Internship during a pandemic, the Directorate of Career Development, Alumni and Endowment (CAE) Tel-U held a Webinar International Internship Program. There are approximately 200 students who took part in this webinar on Thursday (15/10). Next session, the Global Internship Program will be held in one of the best health companies in the UK, namely NHS England.

This webinar was inaugurated by the Vice-Rector for Admissions, Student Affairs, and Alumni, Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti, S.T., M.Eng.Sc. She hopes that Tel-U students can enthusiastically participate in this Global Internship because it is such a great opportunity for future career development.

“This is a good opportunity. Tel-U has wanted to hold an International Internship for a long time and now we can realize it. This pandemic provides a good lesson, to be able to conduct international webinars like now. If you join this internship, maximize your hard skills and soft skills. Prove that Telkom University students have good competence and enthusiasm for learning. So that in the future we can have many opportunities like this. “

The speaker is Gunawan Zuardi, M.sc., the Director of PT. Nusantara Telematics Innovations. Explains how to build a Global Career through Internship in NHS England, and will be assisted by the Royal British Computer Society.

“Global internships are required to obtain special certification because nowadays, several large companies no longer require bachelor degrees (diplomas). However, it is the expertise that comes first as evidenced by expertise certification, “said Gunawan.

There are several internship subjects that Tel-U students can choose later, including Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Mobile Apps, Project Management & Documentation, and Cloud & Cyber ??Security. Students are advised to choose subjects that are appropriate or relevant to their educational background at Tel-U.

After completion of the internship and training, students will take part in various projects from NHS England. The internship schedule will start on Nov / Dec 2021 for 2 weeks. After obtaining a Certificate of Excellence students have the opportunity to be promoted to UK Global Talent with a 2-year work visa in London. Of course, this is a great opportunity to start a global career.

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