21 Nov 2019

Growing Tax Awareness through Tax Talk

BANDUNG, Telkom University – To build the future of Indonesian taxation, it is necessary to prepare a generation of people who have better tax awareness. Tax-conscious culture must be instilled early on through education so that tax awareness becomes one of the characters of the nation’s generation who love the country and defends the country through the realization of implementing tax rights and obligations.

Seeing this Telkom University together with the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) held a Speaking Tax event that took place at the Missou Building, Faculty of Economics and Business Telkom University, Thursday (11/21).

Neilmaldrin Noor as the head of the regional office of DJP West Java I explained that growing tax awareness must be instilled early on, this is to create a prosperous nation in the future. As we all know that the pulse of development in Indonesia is sourced from the State Budget, which is largely (around 76%) supported by tax revenue.

“According to data collected that during the period 2009-2018, tax revenue has never reached 100% of the target set, therefore at this time tax awareness must be instilled early on, it requires an awareness and tax compliance attitude of all Indonesian citizens as a form of the mutual cooperation of citizens in carrying the burden of development. “Said Neilmaldrin in his remarks.

The event which took place simultaneously in several DGT regional offices throughout Indonesia was attended by participants ranging from Elementary to Higher Education, where for the time being Telkom University had the opportunity to host, it is hoped that the Tax Talk event could attract the attention of the public and world stakeholders education to realize the existence of an entry tax program in education and subsequently provide support in accordance with their respective duties and functions.

On this occasion the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Telkom University and the Regional Office of the West Java I DJP, which was signed directly by the Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya and West Java DGT regional office head I Neilmaldrin Noor.

Both parties agreed to increase tax awareness in higher education, where the scope of this agreement is to increase tax awareness of students, educators, education staff and stakeholders of higher education through tri dharma tertiary institutions and awareness of Telkom University to become a piloting inclusion college. tax conscious.

Prof. In his speech, Adiwijaya said that the tax awareness that must be possessed by all Indonesian people is to foster a sense of love for the motherland, where in the future tax conscious all Indonesian people will feel the developments that occur in this country.

“From now on, a sense of tax awareness must be instilled in order to create a generation of 2045 emissions, because the awareness of paying taxes when you students work will make you feel the developments that occur in Indonesia in the future.”In this event also took place the inauguration of Telkom University Tax Center by the Rector of Tel-U Prof. Adiwijaya and Neilmaldrin Noor.


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