29 Nov 2016

Two APTRG Tel-U Team Crowned as “Best Idea” in KRTI 2016

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Again, Student of Telkom University (Tel-U) became the champion in the field of robotics. The achievement came from the research group of Tel-U APTRG (Aeromodelling and Payload Telemetry Research Group), which had won two best idea and runner up at the Flying Robot Contest Indonesia (KRTI), 2016.

KRTI is a regular event held every year in order to develop the potential in designing unmanned flight vehicle which familiar with the term UAV or drone among universities in Indonesia. This year, KRTI took place on 23 to 26 November 2016 inKota Baru Bandar Lampung as a host the University of Lampung (UNILA).

Through the theme “Towards Independence Unmanned Vehicle Technology”, this event is divided into four categories of competition such as Fix Wings, Racing Plane, Take Off Vertical Landing – Fire Extinguished, and Technology Development.

APTRG Tel-U sent the four best teams that RAVEN APTRG, M2 Astrolabi APTRG, Stork APTRG and Ababil APTRG, each team follows one race category.

Yuni Dwiyanti one of RAVEN APTRG member said the two teams of APTRG Tel-U won the best idea such as RAVEN team APTRG on category Take Off Vertical Landing – Fire Extinguished and Ababil APTRG the Technology Development category.

“Best idea on the RAVEN team obtained because we are the only team that managed to put out two fires in one mission and managed to find the whole point of the flames and tried to do a burnout in each of these points, while the team Ababil won the best idea because the team make a camera traps to monitor the movement of animals in the forest and to monitor the state of the forest using flying vehicle, “said Yuni, Monday (28/11).

Yuni told that Raven team idea originated from the frequency of forest fires in Indonesia. “Actually the idea was inspire from the issue of forest fires, which is where the idea Ababil team to monitor and see the movements that occurred in the forest while our team to reduce hotspots in case of fire in the forest,” he said.

Besides awarded best idea, Raven team also won runner up in the category Vertical Take Off Landing – Fire Extinguished. On this category Raven team had to extinguish the fire from the three point nine hotspots provided by the judges. “We are superior in speed and finish time of the firefighting missions, because it is the only team that managed to put out two fires in one mission,” said Yuni.

Got a very pleasant experience, Yuni added that from this kind of event, she can value the experience and new knowledge at the same time and also to know what the latest technology which is used by other participants. “At this event we not only did the competition but also to build relationships between universities in Indonesia, because we can do a lot of sharing with other teams about the technology they use” he said.
Yuni hope, an idea that has been poured on KRTI 2016 can continue to be developed and implemented so as to benefit Indonesia. (PR / AW)

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