14 Jan 2016

Visited Tel-U, UII Learned The Excellence Services

BANDUNG, TEL-U – About thirty people from Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Yogyakarta, led by the Vice Rector 3 UII Dr Abdul Jamil, SH, MH, accomplished a comparative study to Telkom University (Tel-U) on Friday ‘at (8/1).

The UII arrival group was welcomed by Vice Rector 1 Tel-U Dr Ir Heroe Wijanto, MT and Vice Rector 2 Djusnimar Zultilisna, Dra., Akt., MM in Meeting Room 5th floor, Bangkit Building. The gathering event was also intended to discuss and learned from fellow institutions.

“The aim of our visit to Tel-U actually want to acquire information about excellence service, because according to our information, Tel-U can be used as a reference of excellent service” said Abdul Jamil pack.

Other discussions on this visitation also included information about system, library, human resources and finance, led by the respective directors and managers of each division.

“A blessing for us to welcome the presence of UII staff and lecturer to our campus and thank you for your trust to choose Tel-U as reference of excellent service” said Vice Rector 1. (purel / AW)

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