20 Jan 2019

Dormitory Food Festival: Various Culinary of the Archipelago Presented Here

Bandung, Telkom University –  At 6 o’clock past in the afternoon, the atmosphere at Telkom University Male Dormitory was even more crowded. Students seemed to continue to arrive without stopping. Some were busy carrying cooking utensils, some were seen preparing to wear traditional costumes from various regions in Indonesia. Everyone prepared to attend the 2019 Dormitory Food Festival.

The Dormitory Food Festival is an event that facilitates first-year students who live in the  dormitory to showcase special food from their respective regions. Considering that more than 30,000 Telkom University students come from a variety of ethnicities and cultures, it becomes a unique thing when all gather together in an event.

The Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya did not miss to taste the culinary from more than 10 booths in the event. Together with other  rectorate staffs, he gave high appreciation both for culinary offerings as well as the enthusiasm of the participants and the committee in preparing for this annual event.

“This is a concrete manifestation of Telkom University’s values, namely Harmony, Excellence, and Integrity. The difference is what makes Indonesia unique and different from other countries. I hope this kind of event can continue to be carried out in the future. “Adiwijaya said.