15 Nov 2018

Flying Robot Telkom University Became Champion at KRTI (Indonesian Flying Robot Contest) 2018

APTRG (Aero modelling and Payload Telemetry Research) Bangau Team Telkom University won the Indonesian Flying Robot Contest 2018 which took place on 5-9 November 2018 at South Lampung Provincial Government Complex. The team consisting of 5 people won 1st place in Fixed Wing category.

This national competition was attended by all universities in Indonesia, there were at least 24 competing teams. 5 Telkom University students who happened to be from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering seemed to be the best in this competition, they were Mujadid, Rama Aditya, Mega Halimah, Arman and Abdul Manan.

Mujadid explained that each team was required to have a self-made aircraft-shaped Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipped with photo and video retrieval systems. This was to fulfill the missions given during the competition. The main mission was mapping the plantation area and monitoring the logistic track for 60 minutes in the area determined by the jury.

The area that needed to be mapped by a flying robot was 1500m x 1500m, with a logistic track of 1500m. The photo data taken would then be processed into orthophoto for further needs.

“Alhamdulillah, thank God, the institution is very supportive and responds very well to this competition, we are very grateful. We feel that all the needs required for the 2018 KRTI have been provided by the campus starting from accommodation to the location of the competition, procurement of tools and requirements for the competition, and the costs for this competition have all been supported by the campus, “said Mujadid