15 Mar 2017

5 Telkom University Students Received JASSO Scholarship

BANDUNG, Telkom University – 5 Telkom University students received JASSO scholarships (Japanese Student Service Organization) and the opportunity to attend Spring Program at Kumamoto University in Japan starting June 14 – February 23, 2017.

The delegation of Telkom University are Faldi Dinurwan (MBTI 2013), Nanda Tri Mahar (IKOM 2014), Firda Aminy Ma’ruf (T. Informatics 2014), Eco Jatmiko Panggabean (Industrial Engineering 2014), and Muhammad Ramadan Aldian (Industrial Engineering 2015).

Kumamoto Spring Program is short term program scholarships are reserved for international students who are interested in continuing their study in Japan. The event, which opened on February 15, 2017 was attended by 12 countries in which the representatives of Indonesia least 21 people and five of them from Tel-U and 16 other participants came from ITS, UNAIR, UGM and ITB.

Faldi told that on the first day the participants will be divided into 10 groups consisting of each country, it is in order to facilitate the participants to adapt to each country.

“From those group we are taught how to adapt and train our ability to adjust other cultures so as to make us ready to face the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the Free Trade World in 2020” he said.

In the Spring program, Faldi said there were various themes of lectures given include Kumamoto Earthquake in Aso, Interesting Geological Sites in Aso, Minamata Disease, Land of Water, Water Sustainability, Japanese Sweets, J-Pop, and Marriage and Family in Japan.

“In addition to the material in class we were also given the opportunity to visit museums in Japan, and taught Japanese culture steeped in local knowledge, participants were given the opportunity to make or Kanji Japanese calligraphy”. he said

Faldi said that this event is perfect for students who want to establish friendship among countries, because here we could learn a lot about foreign cultures.

“We hope the insight that we got from this program can be implemented to promote Indonesia, especially the city of Bandung” said Faldi.

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