03 Jun 2015

BEM FKB Tel-U Organized Blood Donor

BANDUNG, TEL – U – The Community Service Department of BEM Faculty Communications and Business Telkom University (BEM FKB Tel-U) in cooperation with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) held a blood donor, Thursday (30/4). This community service and local community was held on the ground floor of Kawalusu A Building.

Chief Executive, Athaya Mahdiyah said, aims of this community service in addition, also to encourage students and the community to help people who are in need of blood. “This event also to disenchant students and the community in order to live a healthy life,” he said.

The blood donor event is the first time since the establishment of BEM FKB Tel-U in 2014 ago. Entitled “The White Red Togetherness – FKB healthy, tight, strong, spirit” this activity is expected to be permanent program of Community Service Department of BEM FKB Tel-U. “We hope there is a good appreciation of the students and the community in the Tel-U,” he said. (Purel / Nisa)

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