02 Apr 2015

Business Tips Sharing Through Entrepreneur Gathering

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Entrepreneur students of Telkom University (Tel-U) share tips about their running business in Entrepreneurs Gathering Event on Tuesday (24/3). The event which organized by the Student Affairs of Tel-U is guided by the Manager of Student Affairs, Drs. Lili Leksono. Two speakers are present in this gathering to provide insights and inspiration about entrepreneur. They are the lecturer at Faculty of Economics Business (FEB) Tel-U Listyo Dwi Harsono and Grisna Anggadwita.

According Grisna, student has a huge potential to be creativepreneur. “Creativity is not just limited to works of art and culture based. But it can also based on science and technology, engineering, innovation and IT, “he said. Grisna also added that students sometimes have problems determine what business to be undertaken, money difficulties, so they tend to feel hesitate to start business.

“When you feel confuse about what kind of business should be undertaken, try to start with a hobby. If you have money problem, take an advantages of the knowledge and networking. If you still feel falter, then learn your competitors, ” said Grisna.

Talk about business among students is having no end. In addition to lectures, the business has become part of the student lifestyle, from fashion business, culinary, e-commerce, accessories, art products to agribusiness. One by one the students deliver short presentations about their running business in Enterpreneur Gathering Event.

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