26 Aug 2017

Cassowary Team of APTRG Telkom University Crowned as the 3rd Winner of Komurindo Kombat 2017

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University students tok back the achievement in the field of robotics. This time the achievement was carved from Telkom University’s research group APTRG (Aeromodelling and Payload Telemetry Reserch Group) which successfully won the 3rd champion at Komurindo Kombat Championship 2017, at LAPAN Pamengpeuk Kab. Garut on 22-25 August 2017.

The event was organized by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti). The competition was divided into 3 categories: Rocket Match, Balloon and Balloon Ride, APTRG Telkom University team down each team in each category, ie APTRG stork categorization of rocket cargo, Garmen APTRG category control team and Cassowary team APTRG cargo balloon category.

Kasuari team in the category of cargo balloon won third place in this event, with members of Yan Bagus Arief Setio S1 T Telecommunication Extension 2016, Rama Aditya Putra S1 T Telecommunication 2015, Satrya Budi PratamaS1 T Informatika 2015, Mujaddid shibghotul Islam S1 T Physics 2015, and Kinayungan Alfatan Lodan Hartanto S1 T Electro 2016, Kasuari team managed to make the monitoring system of atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, altitude, wind direction, wind speed, balloon position and greenhouse gas or CO2.

“In addition the category of balloon payload also we make antenna for data communication from balloon to ground control station, antenna system that is made antenna with auto tracking position, where antenna is able to communicate with distance of 10 Km Vertical” said Yan Bagus Arief Setio.

Through preparations since last April, Yan hopes that next year Telkom University’s APTRG team can win in every category.

“From this race we have learned a lot to prepare everything more mature again, hopefully the future APTRG team can get champions in other categories category, and for the balloon payload can improve the achievement of this year” he said.


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