15 Apr 2015

Eagerness of Broadcasting Concentration of Communication Studies Program Exceed the Quota

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Department of Communication Studies FKB Tel-U collaborated with Communication Students Association engaged the concentration socialization for students of 2014 on Wednesday (1/4) in Auditorium Building Kawalusu FKB. The event entitled Chorrus “Choose Your Own Choice”, aimed to introduce two existing concentrations in Department of Communication Tel-U, i.e Broadcasting and Marketing Communications (Marcom).
The speaker in this socialization was a team of lecturers from both concentrations. They were Dini Salmiyah, F.A from marketing communication and Diah Agung Esfandari from Broadcasting. This event also invited alumni and previous students from those concentrations to provide different point of views about Broadcasting and Marketing Communications.
According to Dini, this socialization is invented for 2014 students of Science Communication to help them figured out the chosen concentration. It’s because there are many cases of students who fell to the wrong direction in choosing their novation. “So we tried to minimize this error so that students who have chosen really confident with their choice,” he said.
At the end of socialization, the faculty team directly apprised who eager to apply broadcasting concentration. It should be done because of the limitation of quota which is only for 90 student. Peculiarly, the count of students who were interested in Broadcasting exceeded the existing allotment.
According to Diah, this restriction is done to maximize what is in the laboratory and also the availability of faculty team. “Currently, broadcasting concentration has a laboratory and a team of lecturers with limited capacity, so that students who choose broadcasting concentration should be diminished,” he said.
Chairman Prodi FKB Communication Studies Tel-U, Rah Utami Nugrahani, S. Sos., MBA., Said, Communication Studies student who has entered the third semester will receive lectures according to the concentration taken. “This concentration is related also to the final task that must be taken by the student,” he said. (Purel / EAD)

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