16 Dec 2015

FKB IKOM Student Exhibit the Ads in “It’s Show Time”

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Students from Communication Studies Faculty of Communication and Business Telkom University (FKB Tel-U) class of 2012 showed off a number of their works for approximately two months in the course of Advertising Production.

Assorted works was featured in Advertising Production Public Lecture “It’s Show Time” which was held in the FKB Hall last Wednesday. Also in this event also invited speakers from PR practitioners namely Irwan Fakhruddin, a Managing Director of advertising which he established by himself.

Irwan told us that the world of advertising is the oldest profession in the world. He also explained that the creative world is a nice thing, but there is no definite working hours. “Creative is not a mindset nonetheless a skill.” Said Mr. Irwan “.

The event was held at the Hall of Faculty of Communication and Business, was attended by whole Marketing Communication students class of 2012, where each class should provide a good ads presentation on radio, TV, brochures and outdoor media.

The highlight of this event was to show the work of each marketing communication class starting from class A, B, C, D, E and Mobility Class. The works include the charity program namely Sedekah Bersama, which invited viewers to set aside part of their wealth to the needy.

There are also ads with theme Child Protection Agency and West Java Province Sri Baduga Museum themed ads. At this museum ads, creator invited residents of Bandung, especially young people to visit the museum since came to the museum is not an old-fashioned or boring.

After that, there was the ads themed on AIDS, where the message appealed people to stay close with people living with AIDS, but stay away from the disease. Then Mobility Class presented the theme “Save Street Child”, and the theme of violence against children.

All work and student presentations assessed and commented by the lecturer, Indra Pamungkas SS, Msi, Silvi and Irwan Fakhruddin. The assessment’s result decided the winner was Sri Baduga Museum ads. “This ad appropriate to invite the people of Bandung, especially teenagers to visit the museum,” said Irwan. (purel / AW)

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