26 Aug 2015

Grand Launching of Telkom Building University Lecture Center (TULC)

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Tokong Nanas is finally chosen as a name for Telkom University Lecture Center new building. Tokonfg Nanas buildings that stand upright facing the Techno Situ on Thursday afternoon (13/8) was launched by Rector of Telkom University (Tel-U), Prof. Dr. Mochamad Ashari, M. Eng., Ph.D., with the Chairman of Telkom Foundation Ir. Dwi Sasongko, MM.

“Tokong Nanas taken from the name of the outer islands of Indonesia, precisely in the Natuna Sea Riau provinces bordering Malaysia. We should introduce to students that Indonesia has the outer islands, “said Rector.

According to Rector, the building will be focused on the organization of lectures and student activities. With a height of 10 floors, the building is completed with at least 172 rooms, 154 of which are classroom. In addition to classrooms, on the ground floor there is the SME space, lobby, room panel, generator, pump room and parking area. The parking area fit for 30 cars and 70 motorcycles.
Additionally, there is also the amphitheater, lecture hall, courtroom, library, cafeteria, indoor soccer field, a swimming pool in two separate areas, one for female students and one for male students. On each floor there is a prayer room as a means of worship student. The international classes are on 8 and 9 floor. This building can accommodate up to 7,500 students who come from all over Indonesia.

“As the magnitude of public trust to Telkom University, we are determined to make the campus with ICT-based facilities. We will try to do some automation in learning process such as recording the attendance using RFID technology in the classroom and building automation, “said the rector.

The grand launch of Tokong nanas building is marked by cutting a jasmine ribbon by the Rector and Chairman of Telkom Foundation Ir. Dwi Sasongko, MM. The grand launch was also attended by the former Chairman of Telkom Foundation, Johni Girsang, M.Sc, Telkom University management and Telkom Foundation Group. (purel / risca)

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