05 May 2021

IAIN Pekalongan Conducts Online Visit to Tel-U

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Pekalongan State Islamic Institute (IAIN) visited Telkom University. This online visit is conducted through the ZOOM Meeting on Wednesday (05/05). The agenda for this visit is a comparative study and online discussion.

In his remarks, Dr. Ir. Rina Djunita Pasaribu, M.sc as the Vice-Rector for Resources for Telkom University said that through this comparative study, it is hoped that IAIN Pekalongan and Telkom University can learn from each other in improving governance in higher education.

Dr. Rina also said that this comparative study was not only about the content but more about friendship.

“As we feel, the more we stay in touch, the more blessings and His blessings will come to us. With that, I am very happy to meet all of you, ladies and gentlemen,” she said.

Dr. Moh. Muslih, Ph.D. as Deputy Chancellor 2 for General Administration, Planning and Finance of IAIN Pekalongan said that IAIN Pekalongan could make improvements in various aspects, one of which was used as a comparative study, namely Telkom University.

IAIN Pekalongan conducted a comparative study with Telkom University which is the best private university No. 1 in Indonesia. Many achievements have been achieved, one of which is the best innovation management. Through this comparative study, it is hoped that in the future there will be cooperation that can be carried out by IAIN Pekalongan and Telkom University.

“Telkom University is a benchmark for us and of course it’s not enough just today but this is the first step for us to carry out other collaborations.”

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