17 Feb 2017

Kopertis IV Hand Over the Professor Decree to Prof. Adiwijaya

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Executive Secretary of the Private Higher Education Coordination (Kopertis) Region IV West Java Subahi Idris, handed over the Decree (SK) to Dr. Adiwijaya. S.Si., M.Si., As Professor of Mathematical Sciences on Friday (17/2).

Dr.Adiwijaya with through the decree became the first Professor of Telkom University in the field of Mathematical Sciences in School of Informatics, Vice Rector of Human Resources, Ir Nelson Resources Rikardo Pasaribu congratulate on the achievements of the functional position of professor Dr. Adiwijaya.

“I personally feel proud and happy, especially for Telkom University, where for the first time got a functional Professor of Mathematics” he said

Nelson said that the chances of Telkom University in adding professor is very potential, but on condition that all parties must be serious in reaching the post.

“This has been proven that one of our professors reach functional position of professor, therefore we hope that this achievement can motivate fellow professors to pursue functional position” he said.

In preparing the terms requested by Higher Education, Nelson added that Telkom University will support and help prepare these requirements in order to process it could be better.

Nelson expected that Professor Adiwijaya able to be a motivator to the other lecturers in particular who has received Head Lector to soon follow to become a professor.

“Besides that, Telkom University expected that Professor Adiwijaya hoped become a formidable researcher for progress institution and our country” he said.

Soon, Senate will do the inauguration Telkom University to Prof. Adiwijaya.

“I hope before graduation ceremony, we’ve already doing inaugural for Adiwijaya” concludes Nelson.

Adrian Wiranata

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