23 Aug 2017

Leaders Talks: How Digital is Changing Leadership Roles

Bandung, Telkom University, (23/8/17). The most crucial issue in today’s networked era is the slow pace of innovation and adaptation to possibilities, in other terms it may not be a slow innovation, but the dynamics that change too quickly. Telkom University through the International Class Academic Office (ICAO), supported by the Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) regularly holds relevant knoledge sharing called Leaders Talks, looking at the possibilities that occur.

On Wednesday morning (23/8/17), the 11th title brings potential young women, acting in the business world that participated and dragged in the increasingly late digital dynamics, communication crisis surfaced, until conventional adaptation is no longer Capable of being a solution to the swift change. Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo, President Director of the Blue Bird Group of Indonesia, a premium transportation corporation that currently occupies the top position in the transportation business scene.

“Three important things we adapt to build this corporation, integrity, hard work and understanding all human assets as family. Change can not be avoided, but following changes directly without consideration is also not wise “he said.

Noni himself realized that the digital era has turned things around, the awareness is at least far-anticipated, with Blue Bird’s existing service innovations through My Blue Bird Application, in fact the innovation is not so well-tuned as data-based corporations come to Indonesia, call it Go -Jek, Uber, and Grab Indonesia. So it happens, and it is recognized by Noni, that it is not technology that affects all changes, but human behavior itself.

“We try to find our own weakness, then we formulate the solution, if because of technology, we have technology first, but this is something else, there is services value there, so we clean up, facing all communication crisis by strengthening service imaging quality, Understanding what is needed by costumer “he concluded.

Nevertheless, the digital age can not be ignored, it refers to the statement of a technological thinker Manuel Chastells. For him the digital era is the transformation of people’s lives from the order of material to the order of information, “rising the network society” he said. Of course this makes sense, especially indeed the basis of service which so far influences the digital era leadership is information-based, call it Uber, Gojek, Grab Indonesia, all not a transportation corporation, but data services. “Obviously they can not be called as competitors, because they do not move in the same field with us” said Noni.

The event was attended by several representatives from large companies in Indonesia is expected to provide inspiration to innovate in the digital industry.

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