16 Aug 2016

Mahfud M D Invite Tel-U Freshmen Occupying Opportunity for Advancement

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Every young generation should take advantage of opportunities to advance and safeguard the state and nation as a national ties. Because if you cannot preserve the state and nation, the younger gen cannot freely reach the ideal and certainly betrayed the ancestors who already strived for an independent state.

This was stated by Chairman of Constitutional Court 2008-2013, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahfud M.D., SH, S.U at the “Wawasan Kebangsaan” (National Insights, red) seminar for new students of Telkom University (Tel-U). The seminar was included into a Campus Life Introduction for New Students (PKKMB) 2016 Batch 2 held at Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH), Sunday (14/8).

“You’ve got to have a sense of nationalism, a love for this country. Moreover, we have the Pancasila as the state, in which there is contained our oath to be united in diversity “said Mahfud.

According to Mahfud, the concept of nationalism is a joint perspective that Indonesia united in a bond of nationality although it consists of a wide variety of different primordial ties. Primordial ties it simply consists of religion, race, ethnicity, regionalism, and language.

“We have a wide range of differences, but they can be united as a nation of Indonesia through the motto Unity in Diversity. Well that is admired by the outside world to Indonesia, “he said.

Mahfud also explained that Indonesia is currently in the middle of a globalized international relations. Globalized, said Mahfud, means that there was no more physical restrictions that limit in dealing with outsiders. “A key element of globalization that is information technology, and all of you there on that field right now,” he said.

There are four characteristics of globalization, according to Mahfud which cannot avoid by younger generation, there are democratization, protection of human rights issues, environmental issues, and the economy with a free market economic system.

“Nationalism today was required to go forward in order to survive by technological advances, especially in information technology. We must master it if we do not want to lose, “he said. (Purel / ead)

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