20 Sep 2017

Monaji FRI Team Wins 3 Awards At Chronics 2017

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Students from School of Industrial Engineering (FRI) Telkom University successfully won 3 awards at the Chronics 2017 event held by Industrial Engineering Student Association of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) on 14-17 September 2017 at Cristal lotus hotel and Jogja City mall Yogyakarta.

The 9th year event, which was attended by Southeast Asian students this year, will be the theme of Innovative Breakthroughs in Crime Prevention, in anticipation of crime being the priority of this event and raising public awareness for the safety of loved ones.

Monimo team consisting of Bimo Bayu, M. Januar Rasyid and Nikmah Novitasari from the Study Program (Prodi) of Industrial Engineering, won 3 awards including 1 winner of Chronics 2017, The Most Favorite Product and Best Prototype.

Through preparation for 3 months Bimo explained that Monaji built an educational bag connected to an application designed for parents.

“The purpose of this bag is so that parents can monitor well the condition of the child and know where the child is located so as to minimize the kidnapping of children” he said.

Bimo said that events like this are very much at ease because in the event that followed by students in Southeast Asia this can add many relationships and learn a lot from products made by other participants.

“We hope that this competition can continue to be followed by ade-ade class at Telkom University and can bring the name of Tel-U in the international world” he said.

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