01 Jun 2015

Nurani Fitriyah, Student of Telecommunication Engineering Achieved 1st Place Outstanding Student of Kopertis IV

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Student of Telecommunications Engineering Telkom University (Tel-U) class of 2012, Nurani Fitriyah, chose as The Most Outstanding Students Kopertis IV, 2015. The competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture Kopertis Region IV. This competition organized every year to choose three Kopertis representative’s students for national selection.

Kind of selection took place in the Kopertis IV Office, Monday (11/5), followed by the best students of any private university in the region Kopertis IV of West Java and Banten. Competition assessment considered of student achievement. Both curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular accordance with prescribed criteria.

“Selection is done through several stages. Among these personality tests, curricular test and extra-curricular test, English interview and paper presentations test, “said Nurani, Friday (15/5). She said the paper created with the topic of Telecommunications connection with the regulations and laws in Indonesia. This paper was made in English and Indonesian.

As the first champion, Nurani eligible for selection phase outstanding students at the national level with students champion 2 and 3. Prior to the national selection stage, Conscience will obtain direct guidance of Kopertis.

“Soon, I will continue to consult with the relevant supervising scientific paper that I made. Surely I will be a lot of praying, that’s important, “said Conscience.

According to her, the competition is very beneficial for students. Students are required not only in the academic smart, but also must turn smart in non-academic fields.

“Everything must be balanced. Smart in academics is important because it becomes our responsibility to themselves and their parents. While non-academic importance as a venue for self-development and to expand the relationship.

“I hope that can sustain this achievement to the national level,” he concluded. (Purel / risca)

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