09 Sep 2015

Personal Branding Tips from Farhan

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Personal Branding is proven to generate millions of professional and successful person. Personal branding means shaping the views of others in a person. When personal branding applied properly then certainly the person has a ‘brand’ that is attached to him.

This is a topic of discussion at IDTalent Bootcamp in Telkom University Gegerkalong, Tuesday (25/8). Famous television presenter, Farhan, share tips on how to build this personal branding.

“Personal branding is what makes us special and different, the different nature of other colleagues. And personal branding expand our opportunity for success, “said Farhan.

According to Farhan, one of tips that can be used are determine identity and recognize the competence of self. In addition, specify what purpose. Before setting the goals, identify and determine what your big vision is.

“What do you want to be? Decide. Finding your uniqueness that is not owned by anyone else. Neither the nature nor the competence. Do not forget, give added value to the competency, “said Farhan.

Students are very enthusiastic to Farhan exposure. Bootcamp IDTalent event will run until Saturday (29/8). (purel / risca)

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