13 Feb 2017

Professor Mohammad NUH: Telkom University Towards The Golden Indonesia 2045

BANDUNG, Telkom University – During the Knowledge Sharing on Monday afternoon (13/02/2017) in the meeting room of School of Economics and Business (FEB), Professor Mohammad NUH sharing his experienced related university strategies in building the golden Indonesia 2045. Nuh seriously believe Indonesia’s advancement is very close and it might happen, and all universities in indonesia require to entourage this progress well.

Nuh’s observation was emphasized on the development of resources, where on his note, at least there will be an increased need for productive resource. “At this moment, if we look at the results of the data release on Economic growth in Indonesia 2014, land productivity requires 55 million skilled workers, on 2030 it will jumped to 113 million. That is, become University’s responsibilities to meet the needs of human resources “he said.

Telkom Unversity, in the view of former Minister of Education and Culture in SBY era is a major contributor achievement of the golden Indonesia 2045. With all the resources that had been owned by Telkom University, of course with the support of multi-stakeholder. “2045 is not long, if we are not entourage Indonesian development, then there is the huge potential will crash into deformation(unknown for recent era)” he said.

In brief exposure, he praised the progress of Telkom University in the last 4 years. He also conveyed that there is no university in Indonesia has similar acceleration like Telkom University with relatively young age. “So far, our common problems is the difficulty of maintaining performance standards, universities in Indonesia which are almost a hundred years established, insignificant drove into this fast-paced era, Telkom University should be in that slot, responsive to the needs of the times” he continued.

In order to realize the ideals of Telkom University, thinking of all stakeholders should be higher order thinking, reasoning that exceeds the capacity of the times. “We were not educate students with the times we’ve been through, but the students adjust to the times. If it is paced technological era, so we have to pursue it, we simply provide a stock of knowledge to live in the future and not in the present “. He stressed.

In a commencement speech, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Research Dr. M. Yahya Arwiyah stated, what is being done by Telkom University is running a 10-year plan first. “As the generation of the first 10 years of growth Telkom University, we took a lot of efforts to present the achievements of , accreditation A for university accreditaion, we won some international competition, of course this being the initial capital to go ahead thrive in a future” he explained ,

Knowledge sharing was held in warm atmosphere, present as an opener was Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Research Dr. M. Yahya Arwiyah, Vice Rector for Admissions and International Cooperation Dr. AMA Suyanto, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs DR. Heroe Wijanto and the leaders of the Faculties, also director at the Telkom University. []

Adnan Abdullah

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