14 Jan 2020

Setyanto Hantoro – Tel-U Alumni, Assigned As Telkomsel New President Director

Telkom University – Telkom University is also proud of the appointment of Setyanto Hantoro on Monday (3/1) officially assigned as Telkomsel Managing Director, which was announced at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS LB). Setyanto Hantoro was one of Telkom University alumni (dh. Telkom College of Technology) in 1991-1995 and continued his graduate studies at the Master of Management study program (dh. Bandung College of Management – Telkom).

During his career at Telkom Group, Setyanto held various strategic positions, such as being Assistant Vice President of Telkom Business Portfolio & Financial Planning for 3 years, then becoming EVP Strategic Investment, as well as being VP Strategic Business Development from 2012 to 2019.

The appointment of this position is based on the agreement between Telkom and Singtel as Telkomsel shareholders. Previously, the position of President Director of Telkomsel was assigned to Emma Sri Martini, who currently assigned as Pertamina Finance Director. The appointment of the President Director is considered in line with the company’s strategy in continuing the transformation into a digital telco company.

Hearing this happy news, Telkom University as the number 1 Private University in Indonesia was motivated to continue to establish the future leader for Indonesia. Nowadays, some Telkom University alumni have successfully taken part in state-owned companies, private companies and government.

The Rector of Telkom University said, “We hope that in the future, there will be many leaders from Telkom University alumni  who lead Indonesia towards a better direction.”

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