23 Apr 2015

Tel-U Researchers Expected to Develop Multidisciplinary Research

BANDUNG, TEL-U –Director of Research and Community Service Telkom University (PPM Tel-U), Dr. Palti MT Sitorus ask the researchers in Tel-U to start using Multi or Interdisciplinary Research (Multidisciplinary Research). He delivered that statement at scientific dissemination in the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Friday (10/4).

In his presentation, Dr. Palti said the development of the current research has led to the Multi and Interdisciplinary. “Interdisciplinary collaboration will produce something new,” he said.

Dr Palti ask the lecturers to use Multi or Interdisciplinary Research. He pointed to the financial disciplines of psychology. There is a study that wanted to analyze whether there is a psychological impact of investors on increasing or decreasing of holding price. “Another example is the use of experimental methods commonly used in agricultural sciences or medical use in research-economic research or management,” he said.

In the second session, Chairman of the Program Management S2 Tel-U, Dr. Dadan Rahadian, expressed about the development of the Digital Money in the world. According to Dr. Dadan, with the Digital Money, there are several advantages can be obtained, among which are able to reduce costs and expand market share.

“The challenge in applying digital money come from consumer behavior itself. Today people still do not believe the security of the digital money system. There are still many gaps that occur when transactions using digital money, “he said. (FEB / Tys)

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