11 Dec 2020

Telkom University Becomes the 9th Greenest Campus in Indonesia

Again, Telkom University received an achievement from the University of Indonesia (UI) Green Metric ranking. In December 2020, Tel-U is ranked as the 9th greenest campus in Indonesia. This ranking can be directly viewed on the official UI Greenmetric website, namely green metric.ui.ac.id, along with details on the category of assessment.

Rector of Telkom University, Adiwijaya said, as a university that upholds the Tri Dharma namely education, research, and community service, his party always contributes to environmental improvement, especially around the campus.

“Alhamdulillah, this is a very proud achievement. Tel-U has finally been ranked in the top ten as the greenest campus in Indonesia, to be precise 9th. Meanwhile, for the world rankings, we are also grateful that this year Tel-U is in the 123rd position in the world, which has continued to increase every year since 2018. This is because we continue to strive to create a green and beautiful environment, “said Adiwijaya.

Various reforestation efforts have been carried out, such as planting trees and constructing 1000 bio pure infiltration wells on this 50-hectare campus. Tel-U is also known to have a fairly high water infiltration, aided by a stretch of green land in the campus area and an infiltration lake or familiarly known as Situ Techno. Also, various green technology implementations continue to be developed, such as producing electric vehicles for student transportation on campus and campus security patrols.

“Academics certainly want a beautiful and pleasant environment, a calm and comfortable atmosphere, which can be an inner impetus to be productive and achieve during the learning process on campus. We continue to encourage researchers at Tel-U to be able to develop green technology in the future. ” Add Adiwijaya.

The assessment indicators and scores for each category achieved by Tel-U at the 2020 UI Green Metric are as follows, Setting & Infrastructure: 775; Energy & Climate Change: 1400; Waste: 1425; Water: 700; Transportation: 1450; Education & Research: 1550.

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