25 Aug 2017

The Appropriate Technology of Telkom University Won the 1st Winner of West Java

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Rosad Ma’ali El Hadi, a lecturer of the School of Industrial Engineering (FRI) Telkom University won 1st prize in the competition of Appropriate Technology (TTG) VII held by the Community Empowerment Office of West Java Province in the field of young generation (GGM ) Of Majalengka Regency, Thursday (8/24).

Duo Multifunction Oven Products by Rosad is a solution that can solve the problem of energy saving because during the day use sunlight, while in the rainy season, afternoon and or night can take the hot air from fire with blow air from blower, and can be used for various products which requires drying.

“This oven uses the sunlight during the summer and the buttons can be pressed to close the roof when it rains. If conventional way of course the people racing hahibut close down with rain, “said Rosad

Quoting from the website page jabarprov.go.id West Java deputy governor Deddy Mizwar advised, for appropriate technology found and developed by the community to continue to be developed so that really useful in everyday life.

“If you stop at the prototype, there is no benefit and sustainability, I hope it can continue to be developed, if it is less then it is discussed” he said when opening the VII TTG.


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