23 Jan 2015

The Influence of Co-creation Experience on Customer Satisfaction

“2nd ISCLO Conference 2014”

Eureka Cindy Pratiwi*, Fetty Poerwita Sary
Faculty of Economic and Business, Telkom University


This study aimed to analyse how much co-creation experience influences the customer satisfaction with Sunsilk Co-creation as an object of research. The population is Sunsilk Co-creation users in Bandung region with 100 people as sample. The result shows that the factors which have a significant influence in customer satisfaction are co-creation through transaction and price experience in co-creation. The co-creation experience has a significant influence of 25% on customer satisfaction simultaneously. Therefore, the recommendations that could be given in this study were to increase customers’ involvement in product creation and also maximized horizontal two ways communication between company and customers.

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