15 Apr 2016

Vice Governor of West Java Asked ATVSI Concerned on Media Literacy

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar asked Indonesian Private Television Association (ATVSI) also concerned about people’s condition who is not internet literate. Because the media today can be an adverse influence on the audience. “Television is very influential in nation’s life,” he said.

This was said by Vice Governor in front of thousands students who participated in the Seminar “ATVSI Caring” held in the Hall of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT), Wednesday (13/4). Presented at the event was Chairman ATVSI, Dr Ishadi SK MSc, Secretary General ATVSI Suryopratomo, and a number of reporters and presenters from 10 private television that a member ATVSI like Retno Pinasti, Jati Dharma, and David Rizal (SCTV and Indosiar), Prita Laura (Metro TV), Andromeda Mercury (TVOne), and Sudrajat (Trans 7).

According to Vice Governor of West Java, previously Indonesia only had national television, but now many local media in the same group as newspapers, magazines, radio and online media. “It became a major force that affects the public mindset,” he said.

With our broad network and collaborated with others, said Vice Governor, it is common that current media owners manage a political party because it can quickly disseminate ideas or ideology. “But, are there balanced by media literacy in the community which able to help community understand the functions of media? I think, this must be our common concern, especially ATVSI, “he said.

Because if not, said Vice Governor, he was worried about the people in the cities to remote area will influenced by the bad effect of media. “Even more, today’s era allow us to watch streaming television the gadget. So television has become part of our lives, “he said. (Purel / raf)

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