10 Jun 2015

Vice Rector IV: Academician of Tel-U Must be Solid and Mutual Reminding in Goodness

Pangandaran – Vice Chancellor IV Tel-U Dr Yahya Arwiyah requested that Telkom University (Tel-U) family remained togetherness and reminded each other in goodness. “As a large family we should be proud and do not whisper in your own vilifying each other,” said Warek.

This statement delivered in front of the academicians of Tel-U who attended the recreation to Pangandaran Beach, Saturday-Sunday (30-31 / 6). Hundreds of academicians (academic community) Tel-U with their family unwind together for a moment with recreation to a number of tourist attractions.

The event was coordinated by the Human Resources Unit (HRD) was not only in Pangandaran. Hundreds of other academician of Tel-U voted Safari Park and Dunia Fantasi (Dufan). They are divided into three phases 23-24 of May, 30 to 31 May and 6-7 June 2015.

Vice Rector IV pointed out, as a family, there was no harm community admonish and warn if there was a friend who err. “Please be reminded each other, who knows there was a four packages of paper that unexpectedly brought to the house,” he said with a laugh.

Yahya also confirmed the strict rules on the campus of Tel-U about the smoking ban. If people of Tel-U are still smoking cigarettes on campus, he said, then do not hesitate to other academician who saw immediately rebuked. “So if today there was person who still smoke, let us pray that after this event he repented and quit smoking,” he said. (Purel / raf)

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