28 Oct 2015

Vice Rector IV: The Society and Academic Community of Tel-U Are Much Alike Fish and Water

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Vice Rector IV Telkom University (Tel-U) Dr. M. Yahya Arwiyah, SH., MH asserted, the presence of Telkom University must be perceived by the society, especially the people around campus.

“The society and academic community of Tel-U much alike fish and water, it cannot be separated. Therefore let us together established Bandung Regency to be even better, “he said.

Vice Rector IV statement was disclosed during a visit of Bandung Regent, Dada M. Nasser at the event of “Telkom University Sehat” held in ATM Center Area FKB, Sunday (4/10).

Dada said, all Bandung district citizens must implemented the innovative activity in instilling Sabilulungan character. “I urge that this Sabilulungan culture should be implemented by the community and students, because Sabilulungan is one of nation’s character,” he said.

“Telkom University Sehat” is a routinely activity undertaken by BEM KEMA Community Development Department Tel-U held every the end of month. However, for the implementation of this time is slightly different for collaborating with the Government of Bandung regency.

At this event all residents around campus received free treatment, healthy exercise, health socialization booths, main food distribution and door prizes, bazaar, entertainment truck, as well as an integrated service car.

President of Students BEM KEMA Tel-U, Aidil Afdan hope this event help academic community to get close with the society surround. “Hopefully, people around can get closer to Telkom University students,” he said. (purel / EAD)

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