Xl Axiata Hibahkan Sejumlah Alat Lab Kepada Telkom University
18 Dec 2020

Xl Axiata Grants Some Lab Equipment to Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – One of the Alumni contributions to Telkom University is shaping future digital talents through an event. Those who work in cellular telecommunication companies in Indonesia, namely XL Axiata, donated their technology to help the learning process of Telkom University students.

“We (XL Axiata) have donated several laboratory supporting devices for Telkom University, including the IoT Development Kit consisting of Espectro32 and NB-IoT Backpack and digital oscilloscope.” Said CTO XL Axiata I Gede Darmayusa at Telkom University, Friday (18/12).

In the handover of grants in Bangkit Building Telkom University, Gede said that the handing over of this grant was the beginning, and in the future XL will continue to contribute to Telkom University.

“In the future, we will provide training related to these tools. Besides that, we also want to absorb Telkom University graduates to join the big XL Axiata family. Hopefully, the lab facilities that we provide can provide benefits and be able to grow a generation that is ready to take Indonesia even further. ” He explained.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya welcomes the contribution from the industry that has been given to Telkom University, which is the contribution that Indonesia needs, be it contributions in the form of research and innovation.

“We (Tel-U) would like to thank XL Axiata for helping Tel-U in creating a generation that is ready to advance the world of telecommunications in Indonesia.” He explained.

In fulfilling Indonesia’s target of producing 9 million digital talents for Indonesia, Telkom University continues to be committed to being able to produce superior human resources capable of realizing this dream.

“Through the mandate given by XL Axiata to Telkom University, it will help and facilitate our students to grow and become digital talents like what Indonesia needs in the future.” close Prof. Adiwijaya.

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