14 May 2020

Ecopreneurship Book Surgery

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Open Library Telkom University held a discuss read event, in which the Open Library will dissect the book titled Ecopreneurship: In Mind, In Attitude, In Action, conducted live at Zoom APP, Thursday (14/5).

The book by Dr. Ratna Lindawati Lubis Faculty of Economics and business lecturer was created as a manifestation of the followers College, where later the community has referred to the ecopreneurship.

“For the past 30 years we know ecopreneurship not only about economics, but a deeper change to individual careers to environmental contracts.” He said.

As a form of movement in the ecoship, Ratna explains how to form a mutual concern for the environment, which in Part 3 page 47-94 explains how the community should respond seriously to garbage.

“Our country has ever been crowned the largest donor country No. 2 in the world, through this book I also want to remind us to care about the environment, because this is our city, our country, our planet.” He said.

Ratna told all participants that the transmission of this goodness should be forwarded where the concern for the environment, against Sesame must be transmitted.

“Referring to a matchmaking philosophy, whereby through a matchless match it can pass the fire so Caha can be brighter, therefore let it be” lighter “others and provide light for around, both in thought, in behavior and in service, Lets Do Our bits.” He said.

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