05 Nov 2019

Students of Tel-U Create a “New To The World” Camping tool

BANDUNG, Telkom University – 3 students Faculty of Industrial Engineering Telkom University namely Muhammad Fakhrul Mukmin, Ryan Gamas Agromega and Nurul Taqwa, managed to win the first prize in the competition Industrial Design Competition (INDISCO) 2019 held by Diponegoro University on 1 – 3 November 2019 at UNDIP Campus, Semarang.

The International-class competition, held by the UNDIP Industry Engineering Student Association in 11th, carries the theme “Space-saving and Eco-friendly Design for Standardized Products ‘ Improvement”.

Fakhrul encountered at Telkom University told that his team in this competition made a tool to facilitate the outdoor activities.

“Here we make a stick whose function for camping, hiking or other hirest activities, besides this stick can also be used as a tent, sleeping bag and other functions to facilitate the lovers of outdoor activities.” Details.

Through preparation for about 5 months, Fakhrul and his team initially designed this product for the issue of the climber’s physical weakness, where the load should be carried by climbers quite a lot, ranging from bags to tents.

“In the beginning we saw a problem that often experienced by nature lovers who often climb the mountain with a lot of loads, ranging from bags, tents, sleeping bag and so on, from the problem we want to find the best solution that can be utilized by the climbers, the advantage of this product in addition to the function, the product that we make it is arguably the product category” New To Details.

Fakhrul hopes that the products created with the team can be beneficial to the community especially those who love outdoor activities.

“Hopefully our work can be entered in the market, so it can be utilized by the lovers of outdoor activities.” He said.

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