22 Jan 2021

Telkom University Green Lounge: Green Innovation Mini Showcase Facility

Telkom University (Tel-U) officially launched the Tel-U Green Lounge on Thursday, (21/1) virtually through Zoom. Tel-U Green Lounge is a green hall facility equipped with an open area as a place for collaboration.

The Green Lounge was officially launched by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya who appreciates this new facility. “First, I thank you for all your commitments and hard work during 2020. We have won several awards, extraordinary, gifts for all of us. In the future, there is always room for improvement, to try to improve the quality of our institutions. Green Lounge is a dream for everyone, the inspiration started during a visit to BRI Tower. We are aware that a comfortable place is not only needed while waiting and interacting; it can also provide useful inspiration for our work environment. ” Said Adiwijaya.

Conceptually, the Green Lounge is made very flexible so that visitors can feel the atmosphere of the green open-air at Tel-U. This facility also carries Green Energy, with the installation of solar panels on the roof as a source of electrical energy with maximum lighting. Another Green Innovation is the use of waste to be reused (Recycle) as a garden decoration around the Green Lounge, such as paving from leaf ashes, chairs from plastic bottle waste, flower pots from incinerator combustion, and so on.

Vice-Rector for Resources, Dr. Ir. Rina Djunita Pasaribu, M.Sc. also revealed that this facility can be used by students, lecturers, external parties such as VIP guests visiting Tel-U.

“This facility, as stated earlier, is strengthening and continuation of the green and sustainable campus program. It can also be used by students to show their creativity and work, especially in the field of Green Innovation.” Said Rina.

It is hoped that the presence of this facility, in the future can stimulate other green programs so that Tel-U’s achievements in related fields can continue to increase. For information in 2020, Telkom University won the achievement of the University of Indonesia Green Metric (UIGM) with the rank of 9th National and 123th of the World. This is an extraordinary achievement, which needs to be maintained and improved in the future.

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