30 Nov 2019

Telkom University Inaugurate 3,063 Graduands

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The Senate Open Session of Telkom University (Tel-U) with the
graduation agenda of Masters, Bachelors, and Associate Experts Period I Academic Year 2019/2020 was
held on Friday & Saturday (29-30 November 2019). The hearing was held at the Bengal Building or
Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH).

In this opportunity Dr. Ismail as chairman of the Senate of Telkom University inaugurated 3,063
graduates from 28 study programs, among 32 study programs at seven faculties at Telkom University.

On this first period of graduation will be divided into 3 graduation sessions, the first day the
implementation starts at 6:30 – 11:00 with graduates from the Faculty of Communication and Business
(196 Graduates / i), Faculty of Economics and Business (286 Graduates / i) and the Faculty of Applied
Sciences (477 Graduates / i). Whereas the second day will take place at 6:30 – 11:00 with graduates from
the Faculty of Informatics (427 graduates) and the Faculty of Creative Industries (668 graduates),
followed by the 3rd session at 13:00 – 16:30 with graduates from the Electrical Engineering Faculty (644
Graduates) and the Industrial Engineering Faculty (365 Graduates).

After going through the inauguration procession the graduates will join the Telkom University Alumni
Forum (FAST) with 48,806 alumni and spread in 30 countries including the United States, Brazil,
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherland, Sweden, Norway, France , Germany, Belgium,
Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Japan, South
Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria, Nepal, Uzbekhistan, Tajikistan, and
Timor Leste.

Telkom University Rector Prof. In his speech, Adiwijaya congratulated and thanked the graduating
parents who entrusted their children to Telkom University.

"Hopefully, your efforts will be rewarded doubled by Allah SWT and Hopefully all the knowledge that
has been learned by the graduates will be a blessing for your future journey."

The expression of pride of the Rector conveyed to all graduates, and all invited guests, that this year Tel-
U won the title as the best Private University (PTS) from the Ministry of Research, Technology and
Higher Education (Ristekdikti) in August 2019.

"Achievement for the sake of achievement has been achieved by Telkom University, to date Telkom
University as the No. 1 PTS best in Indonesia continues to be committed to providing graduates and
good contributions to this nation." He explained.

In addition to achieving the best PTS Telkom University also won the Widya Padhi award as the
university with the best innovation (management, product startup companies and the best spin off) by
the Ministry of Research and Technology.

"This month, we (Telkom University) also made it into the highest cluster of the Ministry of Research
and Technology, which is an increase in Tel-U which previously sat in the Main cluster now successfully
entered into an independent cluster (the Highest) for the Research Performance of the Ministry of
Research and Technology."

In the service to the community, the Rector also added that Telkom University was based on the ranking
given by the Ministry of Research and Technology that Telkom University succeeded in occupying a very
good predicate on the ranking of universities based on community service performance for the 2016-
2019 period.

"This is our proof as the best tertiary institution to always provide the best for the surrounding
community, and we continue to educate the community to create superior human resources for
Indonesia." He explained.

The Rector added that on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 tomorrow, coincided with the 10th year of UI
Green Meric, where UI (University of Indonesia) announced the 10 best universities in Indonesia in UI
Green Metric World Ranking 2019.

"Based on the invitation we received, that in the UI Greem Metric ranking this year Telkom University
succeeded in being ranked 4th where in the previous year it was ranked 9th, this is a very good
achievement for Telkom University because it is committed to managing the environment on campus." .

On this graduation occasion Telkom University also gave awards to the graduates of Telkom University
in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where there were 2 graduates, Bagas Respati
Muhammad from the Faculty of Communication and Business with the business names Crema Koffie
and Teuku Muhammad Raza Iqbal from the Faculty of Engineering Industry with the business name
Tekinesia (e-Garage and Campus Garage).

Prof. Adiwijaya said that Telkom University has a Vision for the next 5 years Becoming a research and
entrepreneurial university in 2023, which plays an active role in the development of technology, science
and art based on information technology.
"This award is a form of Tel-U's support in creating new entrepreneurs in Indonesia, besides that at this
time we have produced 16 Startups, 9 of which have been independent such as aruna.id with more than
1 billion annual revenue and managed to get a Grand Winner on 2019 Alipay NUS Enterprise Social
Innovation Challenge, we hope that other startups will catch up and continue to provide the best for this
nation. "He explained.

The rector advised all graduates, Telkom University as the printer of future leaders, there are three
parameters that indicate someone is said to be well educated, especially in the face of very rapid
technological developments.

"First, creativity and innovation must become a habit so that they can not only use technology but can
utilize technology to accelerate solutions to overcome existing problems. In addition, we must also
continue to be able to evaluate and introspect ourselves so that we can make continuous improvement
in order to realize a better person from day to day. Furthermore, don't forget that what we do must
always comply with the prevailing norms and rules. Thus, as graduates of Telkom University, graduates
can be said to be Well Educated. "Said the Rector.

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